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I have taken other basic pistol courses and can assure you that there is nothing like this in the tri-state area. The instructors demonstrated outstanding teamwork by complementing and feeding off of each other throughout the two days of training.  Their shared military experience, comradery and chemistry they have is clearly evident and was openly shared with the students.  The curriculum is well balanced between theory, practical application, drills and real world scenarios.  The instructor to student ratio is designed to allow one on one instruction in many cases.  The instructors are actively involved & engaged with the students providing coaching and feedback in a positive and constructive method.  The drills were challenging, intense & fun and push your combat competencies to higher levels.  The course quickly advances to allow the students to build upon their new skills and push their development forward.  Safety was of upmost importance and I never felt that there was an unsafe condition on the range the entire two days.  This training has drastically improved my basic pistol skills and changed the way I currently approach my combat pistol training.  I have the confidence that I could prevail in a variety of real world threat situations.  The Dynamic Handgun One 2 day course is an outstanding value and I would strongly recommend it to beginners and advanced students.
-Derek, PA

I would like to thank the team of instructors at DOA for helping me to better myself. They have given me the tools that I need to defend my household with greater confidence and efficiency! I not only recommend this course to anyone at any level of gun fighting, but I am highly suggesting their courses to my closest family and friends.
-Clayton, Morgantown, WV

I recently completed Dynamic Handgun One. I am not a police officer or ex-military.  I am simply a person that realizes that I cannot rely upon someone to protect me or my loved ones.  Advanced Handgun-fighting has provided me the building blocks, skills and confidence for protecting my family.  I had a great time and established friendships with exceptionally talented instructors.  I will be taking additional training with Dynamics of Aggression.  I would recommend this course to anyone.  
-Tom, Wheeling, WV

I had the most incredible opportunity, this past weekend, to be part of one of the courses that these young men teach. I am a 62 year old, recently retired RN, and have been through a lot of classes, seminars, and learning situations over the years. Bruce, Brad, and Cain were, by far, the most professional and knowledgable instructors I have had the pleasure of learning from. After completing the session, I felt empowered and confident. I grew up shooting, but learned more about this subject, in the 8 hour course, than I had accumulated over an entire lifetime. All I can say is that I HIGHLY recommend DOA and that these guys are amazing!!​
-Anita, WV

I will definitely be recommending this class, as well as the others that I will be taking, to other people looking to educate themselves about firearms and how to handle one safely. The instructors Brad, Bruce, and Cain were phenomenal! They covered absolutely everything a CCW class could possibly cover, PLUS tons more! Couldn't have had a better experience anywhere else! Thanks for the opportunity guys!!
​-Molly, PA

I had a great time in the hand gun class! These guys have great patience, very professional, and I learned so much from them!
​-Jessi, WV

Completed the dynamic handgun 1 course and it was worth every penny. Instructors are very knowledgeable and demonstrate every method or technique they teach. And they are damn good at it too. I can't stand people who preach how to gun fight and don't back it up. These guys will get down and dirty to show you how to achieve success. Good balance of theory to support "why" we use a particular method when different options might be available. This course starts out with fundamentals and hammers you with drills to end up engaging a course of fire to simulate all the techniques taught.

I came into this course with several years of shooting experience and 2 years of competitive shooting in IDPA. This course will absolutely make you a better equipped armed citizen. Equally so, I know for a fact I can implement techniques learned that will tighten my groups and increase my speed in competition. I wish I would have taken a professional training course like this sooner. Anyone will benefit from dynamic handgun 1. Doesn't matter if you're brand new never held a gun - to the experienced self taught 'experts' I see everyday at the range. Instructors create a casual atmosphere. You will not feel intimidated regardless of your shooting experience.

Before you spend $250 on the latest gun gear sign yourself up for this course instead. Quit commenting on youtube videos and get your hands dirty.
​-Eric, PA

I took DOA's DyHan1 course after being recommended by a friend who had taken it. It was worth every penny and round spent. I learned a LOT as a new shooter, and it was also a great way to spend a weekend.

The instructors at DOA are quality people. They're very safety conscious. They explain the reason behind every skill they teach you. They are funny, friendly, and obviously know what they are talking about. They will demonstrate every drill, and even take part in the various competition exercises. They are hands on and quick to spot any corrections they feel they need to make.

The course structure is very well laid out. The course starts with fundamentals such as aiming, grip, and trigger control. Building from your fundamentals you start learning techniques. Shooting while moving, shooting in multiple positions, etc. Once the techniques are solid, you start stringing them together. Working your positions from various covers. Everything you learn in the course builds into the next lesson.

I will definitely be taking more courses at DOA in the future. I would recommend DOA to anyone, regardless of skill level, because I would bet money that anyone could learn something from these guys.​

- Dan, WV

Took a 2 day pistol 1 course and from start to finish it was a fantastic experience to say the least! For anyone looking to sharpen their CCW capability and actually shoot under stress and simulate actual scenarios I would highly recommend this course. I'll break it down like this.

Instructors - 
The instructors bring great personal experiences and researched knowledge to the course. You don't just learn how to do something but you learn the "WHY" behind it. That is big with them and makes great sense when doing the drills. Super down to earth guys and never negative towards the students. From a beginner or an expert shooter I did not feel intimidated once during the course like I couldn't ask a question or if I needed help with a technique. Great One on One training too. 

Theory - They bring a different approach compared to other instructors I've seen online or heard about. They want students to understand why they are doing something in a stressful situation, how to adapt, and how to make the best out of a bad situation. I could go really in depth on the educational portion of this course but it is pretty detailed and don't want to spoil all the fun either. 

The Course - Two days roughly 800-1000 rounds. You WILL be come familiar with your weapon. Before you can run you crawl and walk. Each drill is explained in detail, talked about, shown, then dry fire then live fire. However the course is anything but slow. As a Handgun One Course I believe you get a lot more value than what else is out there. You shoot from all types of positions, moving, running, under and behind cover and from even slightly awkward positions. 

I already am looking forward for the next opportunity to train with these guys and would highly recommend them to anyone who Conceal Carries or for home defense.
​-Josh, PA

I have been shooting at local ranges for a couple of years and had become increasingly interested in taking a firearms training class. With no military, police, or hunting background I also found the thought of a formal class intimidating. With shooting becoming a growing hobby and CCW becoming a lifestyle, I knew that training was the next step. I met Bruce and Cain at a local gun show I decided to sign up for Dynamic Handgun 1. After completing the class I would recommend Dynamics of Aggression to anyone interested in firearms training. The instructors have researched the concepts, will explain to you the “why” behind them, and can do everything they teach. The instructors not only work with you to become a better shooter, but a more knowledgeable and safer armed citizen. In a class with casual and competition shooters, as well as active military, everyone was treated equally with respect. I made a ton of mistakes throughout the 2 days of training, but Brad, Bruce, and Cain were always watching and correcting us in a positive manner. They were active participants in our learning. You will not leave the class thinking that your money/time would be better spent on a book or watching Youtube videos. I plan on taking another course, and trust the instructors enough that I will be paying for my girlfriend to attend one of the Women’s Only classes.

I left the class with new skills, knowledge, confidence, an almost empty ammo can, and huge smile.
​-Chris, PA