Dynamic Handgun Training

Course footage of actual students. 

(Note: there are a few clips of Dynamic Carbine training in this mix as well)

Self Defense: Aiming

Focusing on the front sight is not only unnecessary for accurate fire, it is a waste of time for self defense training; you will focus on the threat during a life threatening moment, so you should practice to become proficient during that specific state of mind. Note that you will still be able to see a relatively crisp front sight post, and be able to apply proper sight alignment (equal height, equal light). 

DyHan 2: Advanced Handgun

  • Learn Advanced Theories and Tactics in CQB. (Close Quaters Battle)
  • ​Be Introduced to fighting in urban areas and how to properly clear and fluidly move throughout dynamic environments.
  • Apply adaptable concepts of cover and concealment.
  • Fighting in Scotopic/Photopic Environments (Low-light/No-light - ALL-light) 
  • Apply fundamentals in both physically and mentally stressful situations.
  • Engage Intelligently Controlled, Mobile Targeting Systems.
  • Learn Team tactics 

Multiple Threat Engagement

Successful multiple threat engagements are all about angles! Instead of finding yourself in a 4 vs 1 gunfight, use angles to create 4 separate 1 vs 1 gunfights.

Dynamics of Gunfighting

Promotional video of our newest course, Dynamics of Gunfighting! (DyHan or DyCar are prerequisites)