Frequently Asked Questions

  • "I want to acquire some training, are there any prerequisites?" - Some of our courses require prerequisites, check the course descriptions for course requirements. However, while our Dynamic Handgun One course is not a prerequisite to Dynamic Carbine One, or Dynamic Fighting Shotgun,  It is highly recommend taking it first as a great fundamental building block.

  • ​"Where is your range located?" ​- 1000 Bobtown Rd, Dilliner, PA 15327

  • "I've been shooting guns my entire life, why should I attend your course?" - At DOA we look at several core components of Gun-Fighting.  Gun-Fighting techniques, tactics, and methodologies are always evolving.  Even our most experienced shooters are always learning and adapting to these methods.  By excepting your level of training now you are putting yourself behind the curve as the field advances.  We ask you, "is your current level of training sufficient to protect you and your families lives in a worst case scenario?" If you are unsure, maybe you should consider taking a class.


  • "Why should I pay for Firearms training when I can shoot at home or at my local range for free?" - Compared to other national training facilities and organizations of this caliber our prices are FAR BELOW the national average.  Consider this, you are not just paying us for a few days of shooting.  You are making a lifetime INVESTMENT in our knowledge, tactics, and experience for your, and your families, personal safety. ​

  • "Do you offer private Instruction?" - Yes, we understand the need for such training and our instructors will be more than happy to facilitate your specific request.  Our Private Instruction rate is $100 per hour, however bulk prices are available if students were interested in purchasing more than 6 hours of training.  Please email us for further inquiry.  

  • "Can I have my ammo shipped ahead?" - Yes! Please properly label your ammo with your name and course date and send it to our physical address - 55 Larimer Ave. Bobtown PA, 15315.  Please be mindful of holiday and weekend shipping schedules, we recommend shipping your ammo out two weeks in advance.

  • "Can I purchase ammo directly from you?"-  At this time Dynamics Of Aggression does not have a FFL.  We do have the ability to purchase ammo at very competitive prices from our local distributors.  Please feel free to email us about your specific order. 

  • "Can I train in my duty gear or with my service weapon?" - At Dynamics Of Aggression we preach to "Train like you Fight." If you are Law Enforcement, Military, or are a responsibly armed citizen that wishes to train to that standard feel free to bring your plate carriers, chest rigs, duty or battle belts, and professional uniforms.​​​


  • "I am less than physically active, will I be ok to attend your class?" - Our classes do require students to display SOME amounts of physical activity.  As long as you have no severe preexisting medical conditions you should be more than fine.  Students typically run no less than 15 feet at a time, slide into and out of shooting positions, and change physical positions while firing. If you are questioning your physical ability please be assessed by a doctor prior to attending our class.

  • "I own several types of guns, which one should I bring to your course?" - Our short answer is to train properly with the weapon that you are most likely to grab in a firefight.  Whether it be your CCW handgun of choice, duty weapon, or assault rifle that you are most likely to choose in a worst case scenario. 

  • "I have a physical handicap or disability, can you still give me the training I deserve?" -  Absolutely! At Dynamics Of Aggression we pride ourselves in always adapting to a unique shooters needs.  Not only will we give you the training you deserve but we will also modify our instruction specifically for you to shoot with maximum efficiency.  Please feel free to email us about your specific condition upon checkout.

  • "Do you really offer a 100% money back guarantee?" - Yes, If after attending any of our courses you do not emerge a more safe, confident, and effective shooter you simply explain to us your reasoning in front of the rest of the class prior to leaving.  If students sympathize with you, we'll fully refund your investment.

  • ​"How do I register for courses?" - Simply select the course you'd wish to attend from the drop-down menu titled "Courses" at the top of any page.  Now, scroll down in the course description and select the pay now option.
  • "Do you allow spectators?" - Yes, anyone can attend as a spectator, the cost is as same as participation. Please email us upon checkout and let us know that you are attending as a spectator. 
  • ​"What time do classes start?"  - Courses start at 0900 unless otherwise specified.  Please note that we will wait for no student, make a conscious effort to be at least thirty minutes prior. ​​

  • "What happens if classes are cancelled?" - In the RARE EVENT that a course is cancelled for the day you will be offered two options.
  • 1) A full refund.
  • 2) A rescheduling of your specific course as well as a partial refund for your inconvenience. 

  • "I live in a state that requires a class in order to obtain my CCW permit, do you offer such training?" - Yes, our Dynamic CCW course will more than facilitate your states need for training.  Please email us upon checkout,  letting us know of your specific state, county,  as well as your local sheriff's name and department telephone number.

  • "Can I partially pay for a course and then pay in full at a later date?" - No, students need to pay in full upon checkout.

  • "____ happened and I won't be able to attend your course, do you offer refunds?" - If a situation arises in which you can no longer attend a course please notify us NO LATER THAN 2 weeks prior to your specific start date.  We will give you a no questions asked 50% refund OR you may choose to move your course date for no additional fee.  Sorry, no exceptions.


  • "Does your company offer lodging?" - We do offer lodging discounts at select hotels near our range.  Morgantown Candlewood Suites, Waynesburg Econolodge and Waynesburg Microtel. Upon signing up for a course please notify us that you would like to take advantage of our lodging assistance and we will help you get your stay squared away.